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Music City Top 40

Pick for Pick, Nashville “Music City” Tennessee has some of the most talented musicians in the world. Over 20% of Nashville residents are involved in the music industry, and a town mostly known for country music has now become a Music Mecca for all genres, including Hip Hop, Rock, Alternative, and EDM.

Big record labels make big deals with big radio stations to promote their artists. There’s no doubt, lots of incredible songs make it on the radio, however, many many more great songs have been recorded, but remain unheard or underheard. Songs on Music City Top 40 were meant to be heard.

The goal of Music City Top 40 is to match great music with eager ears.

Picking the best songs

How it works: The songs which appear on Music City Top 40 have been recommended by Nashville music fans and artists, and are not based on radio play or itunes sales. Many of the artists are unsigned or undersigned and don’t have massive marketing budgets. Most of the songs are by artists who live in Nashville, TN; and they were recorded in the last year or so.

If you dig a song, “click the pick.” Many of the songs are available on itunes, so if you dig it, please invest in the artist by buying a copy. The Top 40 songs appear in random order through March 31 each year, and will then be ranked based on the final number of “picks.” So if you dig a song, click the pick. Every click counts.

Song Recommendations

Heard a great song that you think is worthy of consideration?  Feel free to send a link via the contact page.